Quality channels with unmatched voice and video quality

Lightning fast internet up to 50Mbps

Fully-featured service
with unlimited calling

Connection that’s faster than lightning. Instant downloads. TV like no other & crystal clear voice. One connection. Endless possibilities.


Optix Broadband

OPTIX fiber offers super speed that suit your needs.
Surfing, streaming and downloading were
never so convenient!


Speed up to 50Mbps – 20x faster than DSL


Bandwidth for even more devices


No data caps on internet service


Optix TV

All the TV you love, but better! OPTIX offers the best in TV viewing with news, entertainment, sports and movies with brilliant picture and unbelievably clear sound.

Real life action
in your living room

Catch all the live action at the comfort of your living room and feel the energy, with HD quality picture

Endless entertainment

Hours of persistent entertainment
24 hours a day without any interruption


Optix Phone

Talk it out to your heart’s content! OPTIX
offers a crystal clear phone service with
all the features you need and love.


Find out if Optix is available in your area

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  • Pardesi Homes
  • Pardesi pride
  • Paradise Tower
  • Omega Apartments
  • Nigar Residency
  • Parsa Heavens
  • Parsa Homes
  • Prime Residency
  • President Apartments
  • Patel Courts
  • Parsa Palace
  • New Kauser Square
  • Mumtaz Square
  • Mehran Crystal
  • Mehmoodabad House Apartments
  • Mari View Appartments
  • Makkah Residency
  • Mehran Excellency Apartments
  • Mehran Square
  • Midway Tower
  • Metro Sweet Apartment
  • Metro Residency
  • Mehran Twin Tower
  • Qasr-e-Jashan Complex
  • Rimpa Town Houses
  • Shahzadi Appartment
  • Sumaya Homes
  • Shadman Homes
  • Screena Homes
  • Sawera Homes
  • Sunny Side Apartments
  • Sunny Side Villas
  • Wonder Residency
  • Uzma Apartments
  • Trident Residency
  • The Residence
  • Sasi Town Houses
  • Sand View
  • Royal Elite
  • Royal Appartment
  • Roya Luxuria
  • Rose Garden
  • Royal Homes
  • Safron Residency
  • Sand Haven Apartment
  • Saima Spring Field
  • Saima Clifton Park View
  • Saima Burj Al Baraq
  • Mahenti Tower
  • Magestic Plaza
  • City Club Residency
  • Clifton Court Apartment
  • Century Residency
  • Bristol Hotel
  • Bridge View Apartments
  • Clifton View
  • Country Property
  • Diplomat Heights
  • Dhedi Palace
  • Datari Villas
  • Crystal Hill Appartment
  • Branker House Apartment
  • Bliss Apartments
  • Al Waheed Apartments
  • Al Mustafa Homes
  • Al Habib Pride
  • Akbar Aaprtments
  • Anthonian Blessings
  • Aysha Homes
  • Bilgaria Apartment
  • Bed Rock
  • Bath Island Pride
  • Bath Island Apartment
  • Diplomat Residency
  • Diplomat View
  • Kanta Wala Houses
  • Jason Paradise
  • Island Apartments
  • Ideal Homes Apartments
  • Karpal Blue Bell
  • Kathayawari Apartments
  • Machyara Tower
  • Machyara Residency
  • Lake Tower
  • Khuro Villas
  • Iceland Apartments
  • Hut Villas
  • Galaxy Apartment
  • Falak Residency
  • Empire Residency
  • Dupty Secretary Residency
  • Gem Homes
  • Grand Residency
  • Hillside Residency
  • Habib Residency
  • Gulnar Apartment
  • Grand Residency 2
  • Abeeda Apartment
  • Tech Society
  • Sui Gas Society PH-1
  • DHA Lahore
  • Alpha Society