Our Fiber To The Home (GPON) technology focuses on providing unrivalled speeds along with a blazing combination of consistency and reliability in turn resulting in the best customer experience.
Speed, consistency and reliability surpassing imaginations!

About Us

Optix comes with super-fast Fiber to the home services for residential customers, delivering the country’s fastest speeds through fiber-to-the-home. Imagine internet that runs effortlessly, television that’s life-like, and telephone voice quality that feels like the person is sitting right beside you. We are bringing your imagination to life. Piping the full power of 100 Mbps for downloads and uploads; Optix enables a quantum leap in performance with limitless online potential.

Optix Introduces multi-play services with cutting edge fiber to the home (FTTH) where your internet is not just fast, it’s the fastest in the country! Coupled with entertainment packed cable TV and crisp home telephony services, you will never be out of touch with your loved ones and will always be connected. We enhance your experience by using fiber optic cable with built-in Wi-Fi router, direct from the central network operation center, ensuring you the fastest speed, brightest picture and clearest voice – even during peak hours.

Optix is more than just an Internet Service Provider; it installs and maintains its own network. Working with builders & developers, property managers and residential societies, Optix continues to bring its world class services to residential and business developments, delivering a future-proof connection that increases the attractiveness and value of each property. Today, Optix is already powering premises across 4 cities in Pakistan and aims to have its next generation superfast fiber available to over 12 major cities of Pakistan.