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You can test your broadband speed by going to

Please be aware that we have noticed that certain antivirus and firewall software can impact the speeds you experience, as can the amount of free memory available on your computer.

Before you begin, please disconnect all the devices from LAN ports and Wifi, and leave only one device which you will use during speed test. PC is the recommended device to use (laptop), but if it isn’t available, mobile/tablet will be fine. Please close all other applications (email etc.). Reboot your device. Turn your Optix ONT router off and on again. During the speed test, you should also try and monitor your CPU/memory/HDD usage – if the usage is high, this may indicate that your router is not capable of processing the maximum speeds available.

Connect PC Ethernet port and LAN port on Optix ONT router with LAN cable. Open Internet browser on your PC (recommended: IE, Mozilla Firefox, Opera) and do not open any other application on your PC during the speed test.

Find your Optix wireless network and connect to it. Please keep your device close to your Optix ONT router when doing the speed test (maximum 2-meter distance) for the best signal level. Open an internet browser on your PC (recommended: IE, Mozilla Firefox, Opera), and do not open any other application on your PC during the speed test.

Once the internet browser is active, you can use the address bar to type:

The speed test page will open. Run the speed test and write down the results.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with our Customer Service team at [email protected] or call us on 021-11-11-67849.