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10 Mbps

Swift Unlimited

    • Internet 10 Mbps
    PKR 4,999/-
    20 Mbps
    PKR 2,199/- MONTHLY

    Overdrive Unlimited

      • Internet 20 Mbps
      PKR 4,999
      30 Mbps
      PKR 2,699/- MONTHLY

      Overdrive Unlimited

        • Internet 30 Mbps
        PKR 4,999
        40 Mbps
        PKR 3,299/- MONTHLY

        Hyperboost Unlimited

          • Internet 40 Mbps
          PKR 4,999/-
          50 Mbps
          PKR 4,299/- MONTHLY

          Hyperboost Unlimited

            • Internet 50 Mbps
            PKR 14,999/-
            75 Mbps
            PKR 6,399/- MONTHLY

            Hyperboost Unlimited

              • Internet 75 Mbps
              PKR 14,999/-
              100 Mbps
              PKR 8,599/- MONTHLY

              Hyperboost Unlimited

                • Internet 100 Mbps
                PKR 14,999/-
                150 Mbps
                PKR 10,699/- MONTHLY

                Hyperboost Unlimited

                  • Internet 150 Mbps
                  PKR 14,999/-

                  Terms & Conditions apply

                  • All prices are exclusive of all Government Taxes and are payable at the time of signup.
                  • CPE (Customer Premises Equipment) will remain Optix property and be retrieved in case of disconnection.
                  • Prices may vary depending on the dollar and inflation rate in Pakistan.
                  • This offer is valid for residential customers only.
                  • Pay the 4th month’s monthly charges in advance for the 10Mbps & 20Mbps packages and enjoy a 100% waiver on One-Time Installation Charges (OTC).
                  • The one-time installation cost is nonrefundable.
                  • Additional charges may apply for add-on services.
                  • Fair usage policy applies.
                  • Dual-Band ONT will install on 50 MBPS and above packages.
                  • If Dual-Band ONT is required on single-band packages, the charge of dual-band ONT 14,999+ taxes will be applied.
                  • Optix reserves the right to change or amend any of the terms and conditions mentioned above without prior notice at its sole discretion.
                  Monthly ADD-ONS services Charges
                  Static IP 400
                  Phone Line 150
                  IPTV box Subscriptions 500
                  2ND XTREAM TV Subscriptions 400
                  Xtream 2.O APP subscription charges 200
                  Additional Xtream 2.O APP subscription charges 175


                  One Time Add On services Charges
                  XTREAM IPTV Box 6,999
                  2ND & Additional XTREAM IPTV BOX 5,999
                  2XTREAM TV BOXES 10,999
                  Xtream 2.O APP installation 500

                  Prices are Exclusive of All Government Taxes

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